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Clean Air and Water Council is a Non-Profit environmental advocacy organization that is dedicated to protecting our Delaware River, the Delaware Valley and its residents from Hazardous Toxic Waste. We support and encourage all citizens to become more responsible for yourself and future generations through education and participation in defending our natural resources; Our Water, Our Earth and the Air that we breathe. We are in favor of safe jobs. Clean Air and Water Council's goal is to raise awareness, inspire citizens, government and industries TO DO THE RIGHT THING!

Mission Statement:

To Empower and educate individuals, communities, businesses, industry and government; to inspire involvement and to support positive change that defends and promotes a clean safe environment.


Help Us Stop ELCON

Elcon Recycling Services, LLC is in the final stages of technical review to build a hazardous toxic waste facility in Falls Township Pennsylvania located at 100 Dean Sievers Place (formerly US Steel Plant).

Our Drinking Water: Elcon's proposed facility is approximately 800 yards from Biles Creek, Delaware River, The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) states that "a spill, leak, or other accident could result in toxic chemicals being released into the Delaware River, forcing the termination of drinking water for millions of people for an indeterminate amount of time. According to the PWD this would be a "catastrophic event".

Click here to read the Philadelphia Water Department's letter of opposition to this hazardous proposal.

Our Local and State Roads/Chemical Accidents: This toxic hazardous waste facility would put all of bucks county townships at risk and is a major concern for our county emergency services in the event of accidents, fires, spills, and explosions as 150,000 to 210,000 tons of hazardous waste would be transported through our townships each year for processing at Elcon.


Our Children and Schools: More than 10,000 children attend school within 4 miles of the proposed site. Two Schools are located near the transportation route through Falls Township.


Our Health Risk/Asthma and Cancer: Air pollution from Elcon's Facility and also diesel trucking to the facility will further contribute to the morbidity and mortality rates of the people in our township who suffer with asthma, cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, learning disabilities, and other health problems.


Our Rivers Resources: Along with providing drinking and bathing water. The Delaware River provides our PA and NJ communities with Historical and recreational parks, water sports, boating marinas, and restaurants along her path.


Our Property Values: Our Real Estate value could be negatively impacted by living in a area consumed by increased toxic air pollution.


Bucks County has the 3rd worst air quality in PA. This facility could adversely affect the air quality within a 30 mile radius.The 10 States that waste will come from to the proposed Elcon site are: MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, and NC.



Meeting Updates


After the April 30, 2019 vote denying Elcon’s Application, Supervisor Chairman Robert Harvie, Jr. stated Elcon’s application is still pending before the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Specifically, the PA DEP may not follow Falls Townships denial. Mr. Harvie stated that he hoped the DEP would.


Click Here to Watch April 30th Meeting

PA DEP Updates

The Pennsylvannia Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) issued a DRAFT Denial of Elcon ‘s Waste Permit on May 15, 2019.

The PA DEP states that a Notice of Intent to Deny is NOT FINAL. After completing a 10-month technical review of materials submitted by Elcon, the DEP has found a number of outstanding deficiencies that remain unaddressed to the DEP’s satisfaction. It appears that Elcon is planning to correct the deficiencies. There are two other pending applications for air quality and stormwater. These applications do not have a deadline.

The Falls supervisors denied Elcon application on April 30, 2019 and now the PA DEP DRAFTED Denial to Elcon Recycling Services for Waste Permit.  So things are going in the right direction, but we must continue to DO the RIGHT THING and encourage all Delaware Valley residents and our Elected Officials to continue to Oppose Elcon. Please write about your concerns during the comment period.


IMPORTANT!  Write your Concerns about Elcon Hazardous Waste Facility !   

The  Official Comment Period is June 1st through July 15th, 2019.

Mark your email or envelope with (Solid Waste Project-ELcon)

Contact PA DEP with your comments and concerns about ELCON

PA DEP South East Regional Office

2 East Main St

Norristown PA 19401




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